Children Miss Out When They Only Learn Online, Unicef Said, NASIONAL -
 Online learning may appear as the best learning system to educate children while protecting them for COVID-19. But according to Unicef representative, effective learning still requires them to be physically present in the classroom.

Unicef Covid-19 Management Committee Representative Arie Rukmantara, said how the pandemic had disrupted school activities and affecting our children's education in unprecedented ways.

The Indonesian government has closed schools since March. Forcing more than 60 million students to temporarily suspend their studies.

On wednesday, Arie claimed children had missed out on some learning activities as online class only emphasised cognitive education.

He said Indonesia had signed the Convention on the Right of Child, which states that children have the right to access quality education.

"It's important to think about schools reopening with strict health and safety protocols," Arie said.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian government released a joint ministerial decree allowing students to return to schools in January.

The decree givea local administrations, schools should reopen for classroom learning amid the pandemic. This includes high-risk region or red zones.

The decree was a major departure from the previous school reopening policy set out in June. Where only schools in low-risk areas were allowed to reopen.

Education and Culture Ministee Nadiem Makarim said the latest desicion was based on a mutual agreement between local administrations, schools and their committees.

"School committees represent parents. The key lies in the parents' hands," he said in a statement. Adding that schools would not reopen if the committees did not agree to it.

Arie said for schools to reopen, they need to work together with other institutions to provide a safe environment for children and protect them from the virus.

"It means the municipality or regency (administration) has to work together with schools if they want children to return (to schools)."
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