Cases of Violence Against Children in East Java are the Second Highest in Indonesia, Internasional - 
Cases of violence against children during Covid-19 pandemic showed a significant incrrase. Based on data from the National Comission for Child Protection (Komnas PA), the cases of violence against children have doubled during the pandemic. Cases of violence that occur ranging from physical to sexual violence.

"Before the pandemic, we received about 2.000 cases, but during the pandemic thetr were about 5.000 cases. This data is comparable to the Kemen PPPA. Even the Kemen PPPA recorded that 58 percent of cases of violence against children were dominated by sexual crimes," said Arist on Friday, 25/6/2021.

Although he did not mention the number of cases that occured, Arist said that cases of violence against children occured almost evenly in the country. The most case occured in the capital city of Jakarta, followed by East Java.

"After DKI Jakarta, there is East Java because the population is alsk high. Then there is West Java," he added.

The increase of violence against children cases, sakd Arist, could not be separated from online learning that was applied during the pandemin. Based on Komnas PA's findings, the closer children are to their families (parents) the more cases of violence against children occur. Even the culprit is none other than the closest person.

"Being closer to the family so thay it gets closer, children can become targets of violence. A week or two maybe parents can still be close to children. But over the time, they must be tired. Especially when they have to lose their jobs because of pandemic, it's getting more confusing," Arist explained.

Responding to the phenomenon of rampant cases of violance against children, Arist said we need tk build family resilience. One way is to make the house as a place to worshipping god.

Apart from creating a house as a place of worship, Arist continued, families also need to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
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